Two New “Sonic the Hedgehog” Titles Announced for 2017

It seems like the Sega’s blue blur still has some life left in him, as they’re planning to release not just one, but two new Sonic the Hedgehog titles by 2017. Announced recently at the San Deigo Comic-Con during Sega’s 25th Sonic Anniversary Party, they made a ton of announcements in regards to their beloved mascot. Besides from the announcement of Classic Sonic appearing in their Sonic Dash mobile game, and a new sonic Lego figurine being made available for LEGO Dimensions, two particular announcements captured the hopes and enthusiasm of every diehard Sonic fan out there. First up was the announcement of Sonic Remix, a 2D platformer that’s heavily inspired by the classic sonic titles, and more specifically, inspired by Sonic CD, which argued by most fans to be the best of the 2D classic Sonic games. It will include tons of new worlds to explore, as well as some old ones including the beloved Green Hill Zone, as well as three playable characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) a new movement mechanic called “Drop Dashing” and a kickin’ soundtrack.

A day after the Sonic Mania announcement, Sega then announced another title coming in 2017, and this one is going to be a full 3D Sonic game. While it doesn’t have an title yet, it has been unofficially named “Sonic Resistance”. In the announcement trailer, it shows a modern Sonic running through a destroyed city as giant robots loom over the smoldering remains. As sonic gives chase after the giant robots, a large slab of concrete gets throw his way. Just before the slab smashes him, a second blue blur blazes towards him and smashes the slab into pieces, and in a brief freeze frame, it’s revealed that Classic Sonic stepped in to save him. Afterwards, Modern and Classic Sonic then team up to go after the giant robots that stand off in the distance.

When this trailer premiered, I first thought to myself: “Is this supposed to be a sequel to Sonic Generations?”, but then that question was quickly answered as Sega confirmed that Sonic Resistance is a brand new title. No other details on the game have been mentioned other the systems that it will be available on, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the upcoming Nintendo NX.

Just from watching the two trailers today, I was honestly excited for this title, but also a bit on the cautious side, as I, and many other gamers have fallen for the dreaded “Sonic Cycle” one too many times before, especially after the abysmal creation that is Sonic Boom.


To be fair, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations are easily exceptions to the rule as they manage to keep Sonic’s gameplay focused on what everyone wants: Running, jumping and skill-based platforming all while keeping the gimmick features to a minimum. Sonic Resistance is being developed by those very same teams, so there’s some hope that this project in particular isn’t going to botched. As for Sonic Mania: It also looks pretty promising and doesn’t seem to have the crappy physics presented in Sonic 4. Overall, there’s some excitement and hype in the air coming from these two titles. Let’s all hope that Sega finally breaks their curse and starts churning out quality Sonic games on consistently again.