Team Helix

Ronnie Hendrick Jr. (Ronmon)

Team Role: Site Admin, Blogger, Contributor
Hobbies and Interests: Video Games, Movies, TV, Comics, Computers, Anything nerdy
About me: Currently in college, working and developing skills to better myself. I have always loved games, movies, comics, ect for as long as I could remember. I am a huge Nintendo fan and love most games that offer a challenge or some kind of unique experience. I am a bartender on the side to keep my options open and of course have a little fun. One reason why this is so important to me is because I like to create special memories from all the things that I am passionate about. I want to share these moments with friends and others to bring out the best experiences I can get.

Michael Sam Sagoe (Mikedot)

Team Role: Site Admin, Chief Editor
Hobbies and Interests: PC building, Traveling with friends, Bike riding, Video Games
About me: I'm just your typical avid gamer, blogger and a master of procrastination. Whenever I'm not managing the Fan Helix website, he's usually off tinkering with PC parts, traveling with friends or just sleeping too much of his day away. The reason I'm here with Team Helix is because this gives me the opportunity to travel all across the good 'ol U S of A, visiting all sorts of conventions and interviewing all kinds of people that make our entertainment mediums of choice so great.

Renee Naden (Waltzing Wendigo)

Team Role: SNS Admin, Editor, Blogger, Contributor
Hobbies and Interests: Writing, Video games, Movies, Exploring, Horror, Folklore
About me: I enjoy artistic expression in all of its forms, and have become aware that there is no way to properly define the two words either together or alone. Did you know that graffiti was scrawled upon the walls in the city of Pompeii prior to its destruction? That being said, I also enjoy the study of culture both present and in the rear-view. I plan to return to college and resume my studies in anthropology but, in the interim, I will be writing, gaming, and taking blurry photographs of nonsensical things. Being with Team Helix, I get to wax philosophical about the significance of otherwise perceived silly things. I get to share these experiences, hear from those with similar or differing opinions and hopefully learn more about myself and others in the process.

Isaac Sagoe III (Afromania)

Team Role: Website Designer, Blogger, Contributor
Hobbies and Interests: Any physical and creative activities, Video Games, Comic books, Traveling
About me: Born and raised in New Jersey, I've always had love and interest in anything that’s geeky and creative, such as artwork and video games, My love for all things geek-related has led me to start a gaming club during my community college days, and afterwards, I pursued a B.S. degree in Communications from Rider University. Whenever I'm not busy working my day time job at a local hospital, I'm either busy building on my skills in graphic design, painting or drawing, as well as going out to watch movies with my friends, playing video games, reading comic books or novels and starting on new ideas that are big and small.

Keith T. Bauer (DaRkFURY Reaper)

Team Role: Blogger, Contributor, Interviewer. Future Ruler of Earth
Hobbies and Interests: Video Games, Comics, The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Drawing, Steampunk, Pirates, Vikings, Dinosaurs, Horror, The Occult.
About Me: Where most parents have their "child's first steps" to look back on, my parents have "DaRk's first video games". Thus began my initiation into gaming and general nerdiness. My days are spent as a piercing apprentice at a local tattoo parlor, a gamer, and a reader of comics/novels. I love all forms of art, but lean more towards the macabre and twisted sides of art and literature. Trying new things and traveling are a must for me so I can see and learn as much as possible. Being with team Fan Helix allows me to spread my hilarity and insanity to the general populace...paving the path toward eventual world domination..MWHAHAHAHA.

Quatryle Johnson (Q)

Team Role: Blogger, Contributor, Video Editor, Tech Support
Hobbies and Interests: Comics, Computer Science, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games
About Me: I try to keep myself open to most activities. I believe all forms of entertainment can appeal to just about everyone, as long as they're open-minded enough to give everything a shot and find their niche. I constantly work to better myself and If I had to say what my biggest strength is: it's trying to be well versed in everything I do and spending most of my time bettering myself in any area I consider myself to be lacking. Although, one of my biggest flaws is how I tend to leave many projects unfinished.