Site News – 4/25/2016

Hello everyone. This is Mikedot for Fan Helix, bringing you all a little news update.
First off: We here at Fan Helix would like to apologize for the lack of news updates, features, as we’ve been focused on getting a few personal issues taken cared of before proceeding further with activity on the site. More specially: some legal documents came up that we needed to get sorted out for quite some time. Now that we managed to get that out of the way, we can now safely continue were we left off.

With that said, next month we’ll be attending a very local convention, centered around comics, cosplay and all things geek: The Atlantic City Boardwalk Con!


We received the green light from the staff running the convention that we’ll be able to attend the convention as a member of the press, which is great considering all the great celebrities that will be attending the convention, including starts from popular shows including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Breaking Bad, The Flash and more. We’ll be covering at the convention for at least two days, which should be enough to cover the show from top to bottom. The convention begins on May 13th, so look forward to some of our photos and interviews in the coming weeks!

We’ve also been busy with a simple, but nice little YouTube series focused on loot box openings provided by Loot Crate. We’ve started out the series with very little idea of how to present it all, but we’ve slowly been working out a format that I feel will help us stand out from crowds. A few out of episodes haven’t been posted yet, but here’s the first one we’ve uploaded so far:

We have plenty of more recent episodes to upload in the coming days, so please look forward to them.

Other than those two things, we’ve been meaning to give the entire site a complete makeover, as the visual appeal of the site is… very lackluster, as some of you can see. We also found out that overhauling the site is a lot more difficult that we thought it would, so it’s going to take a lot more time to figure out, but when we do… things are going to be so much more exciting around here, that’s for sure.

And that’s all for now! Thanks for checking out our site and look forward to more content from us in the future.