Site News (10/24/2016) – Fan Helix @ Gameacon 2016

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a team update like this, but now is a good time as any to remind you all that we’ll be at Gameacon this week!

Gameacon 2016 is coming... And Fan Helix is going to be there, center stage! Details coming soon...

Gameacon 2016 is coming… And Fan Helix is going to be there, center stage! Details coming soon…

For those that don’t know: Gameacon is a gaming convention that’s SOLELY aimed for indie game developers and their fans. It combines the business-to-business networking and educational opportunities of conventions like GDC, but with the entertainment aspects of conventions like MAGFest or PAX. This convention will allow indie devs to show off their latest and greatest games without getting clouded by the glitter and glamour of triple AAA game titles, allowing them to get a ton more spotlight time than before. We at Fan Helix loves video games of all kinds, so we are more than eager to head down Atlantic City from October 28th to 30th to check out the convention floor.

But wait… There’s more! Not only are we going to be covering the convention, but we’re also going to have our very own booth!

That’s right! Fan Helix is having a little party at the convention, where we’re be interviewing a handful of game devs, giving day-by-day recaps of the convention and more! This is the first booth we’ve ever done, so we’re most likely going to be having some complications here and there, but we’ll certainly be having fun while we do it.

Again, Fan Helix will be at Gameacon at Atlantic City this week from October 28th to 30th. Look out for us as we take the convention on by storm!