Save Defiance

This past October marked the death of a few shows on SyFy Channel. Shows such as Helix(no, nothing to do with us, HAH!), Haven, Dominion, and Defiance. Effectively almost killing off all of the actual fucking science fiction shows and causing me to shy away from even watching the station that much anymore. What we have left is a combination of Horror, Fantasy and SOME Science Fiction. Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE horror and Fantasy. But the lackluster that some of the shows they have chosen to keep going such as the horrid blatant rip off of The Walking Dead that is Z Nation makes me wanna violently throw up. This brings me to my absolute favorite within that grouping of axed shows, Defiance. For those that are unaware, Defiance was a show based in post-apocalyptic Earth after alien ships have crashed landed into our planet and terraforming it into a twisted visage of what it once was. Alien life now roams our planet along side our native species, this of course brings problems and situations which are shown through length of the series¬†and subsequent MMO that came out along side it. Unfortunately due to the fuckery of Syfy channel the continuation of this amazing series has been cut short. But maybe not completely. Fans have come together to possibly try and save the show with a petition to Netflix to pick it up and continue with all the stories that have yet to be told. The petition has been up for 7 months and sadly has only half the required signatures to get the petition sent to Netflix. So my current quest is to assist in getting the remaining signatures to help keep this show going. To sign the petition and make sure our beloved show does not get thrown aside with other inventive science fiction like Firefly, follow this link:¬†