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Awkward Unbaggin of Level Up Clothing from LootCrate VS Edition

The wonderful people from Level Up and LootCreate clothing gave us a chance to reveal the Vs. edition of products for March 2016.

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MEGARAN Interview @ MAGFEST 2016

Fan Helix’s RoMon Interviews the Hip-Hop Artist, MegaRan !

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Super Soul Bros Interview @ MAGFEST 2106

Fan Helix’s Isaac Sagoe Interviews the lead band members of Super Soul Bros.

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Psychostick Interview @ MAGFEST 2016

Fan Helix’s Q  Interviews the lead band members of Psychostick

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Combat Core – Interview w/ Micah Betts

The Fan Helix Team attends MAGFest 2016 to chat with Micah Betts, the lead programmer and creator for his upcoming arena fighting: Combat Core!

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Prisma Invterview with Hank Silman

Fan Helix Speaks with Art Director Hank Silman on the new Indie developed plat-former, Prisma.

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Just Shapes & Beats – Interview w/ Mike Ducarme

At this year’s MAGFest 2016, the Fan Helix had the chance to speak with Berserk Studios’ “Word Wizard and Coder” Mike Ducarme on “Just Shapes & Beats!”

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Black Sails – Ray Stevenson Interview

Actor Ray Stevenson sat down with Fan Helix to talk about his experience on playing the notorious Blackbeard on the STARZ television Show, “Black Sails”.

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Angie Tribeca: Rashida Jones Interview

Actress Rashida Jones talk about her new Role tough slapstick detective, what got her into comedy after Parks and Recreation” Run, and what guess star she looking forward to working with.

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Digimon Story: Cyber Slueth Interview – Fan Helix

During NYCC 2015, the FH Team got a chance to meet up with the Producer of Namco Bandai’s upcoming JRPG adventure: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth! Learn more about the game and the producer as it prepares for its 2016 release!

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