New Overwatch Character Announced: Ana Amari

Blizzard just announced a new character to the already large Overwatch Roster. Ana Amari, Pharah’s mother and another founding member of Overwatch. Her Primary weapon is a Biotic Rifle for long range healing of allies or ongoing damage of enemies. She carries Biotic Grenades that have the similar effect of healing allies and damaging enemies within their area of effect. Her grenades also give a boost to healing from all sources to allies in its blast radius as well as making it so enemies cannot be healed for a few moments if caught in its explosion. She can fire a sleep dart from her sidearm which will render an enemy unconscious, keep in mind that any damage inflicted upon them will wake them up. Her Ultimate is a Nano Boost that she can tag allies with that gives them a combat boost, making them move faster, deal more damage, and take less damage from enemy attacks. While there is no current release on when Ana will be going live, players can try her out now on the Overwatch Public Test Realm.

Oh, and on a sidenote: Any game footage that shows McCree getting taken out gets an A+ from me, because FUCK McCree. HIGH NOON THIS SLEEP DART!