Kim Jung-un Indie Game Announced

Get ready fans of Kim Jung-un because he’s about to kick some ass in a new retro-style game to be released in the near future. Glorious Leader is the name and it’s being developed by an independent developer called Money Horse. It is set to be released on both the P.C. and other mobile devices. Glorious Leader looks action packed with contra style gameplay. The story is about Kim Jung-un’s hostile take over of the entire American Army with crazy boss battles and also unicorn riding sequences.


As it stands, Glorious Leader will cause some controversial views among its followers and some may see it as a big joke while others might take offense. Despite Glorious Leader’s controversial topic, it seems like it will be fun and over the top with some co-op action as well. Who may the second player be? Some speculate it may actually be Dennis Rodman, which would be amazing. If that isn’t a fan fiction in the making, I don’t know what is.


Adult Swim has made some pretty crazy games for the past couple years and this feels almost like a game they would create. Overall from a small trailer and a few pictures, this game looks to have some promise but as for now we have to wait and see. Love it or hate it, Glorious Leader will be coming soon and as Money Horse quotes”North Korea truly is the best Korea”.

Check out the trailer here:

Here is the official website:


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  1. Jarrett Goldberg

    Not just any unicorn, but a flaming unicorn!

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