Gotham “Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell” Review

“Mad City: Better to reign in hell” time skips into six months into future after Hugo Strange escapees from Indian Hill have made their way onto the streets of Gotham lead by Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). The main characters of series are handling change in their unique ways. Gordon( Ben McKenize) and Barbara (Erin Richards) have new lines of work. Oswald Cobblepot( Robin Taylor) not only fully controls Gotham’s underground, but has placed a bounty on Mooney’s head, and Fish has come back from dead with abilities thanks to Hugo’s experiments, and Bruce Wayne(David Mazouz calls out Court of Owls. With so many subplots that writers want to establish subplots stuffed in one hour that has made this episode a bit difficult to digest with one viewing.

Jim Gordon has dropped the badge and white knight persona for a darker rugged bounty hunter mystique. After the events of Indian Hill, Gordon leaves the craziness of Gotham in hopes reconnect with Dr. Lee (Morena Baccarin) who is living in brighter and clearer pastures. Those hopes are dashed as a quick peek into her living room window shows that she has moved on with another man. Now, he has returned to Gotham as bounty hunter capturing all Huge stranges Escapees -for a price.

I am struggling to accept this new take on Gordon. Sure, the character has his resentments with GCPD due to its corruption with the leadership and cops themselves which damage his relationship with Dr. Lee. But, at the same time, Gordon now has skeletons in his closet for killing Galavan, pushing him to the line he was hoping not to cross. And yet, his still hangs around the GCPD with Bullock and former Wayne Enterprises now newly employed Forensic Scientist Lucas Fox( Chris Chalk ) for leads on the Hugo Strange’s escapees. Heck, he even has time to get yelled by Captain Burns (Michael Chiklis) when he meddles in police activities. It is a character right now that comes off confusing and contradicting under the lone wolf/renegade act.

It is enough of a facade that has attracted the ambitious reporter, Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung), to stay close to Gordon, who she figures that he knows the events that to place at Indian Point. I would be apprehensive of the show to introduce more characters (the show juggling enough as is), but so far, she has been a decent welcome. Her character shows to be persistence and ambitious as well as manipulative all for a story. I like how she was able to bait Gordon with Oslwads bounty on Fish to tracking down Hugo’s assistance that was under GCDP custody. She is a character that can handle herself in the sea of crazy and I very curious see how she will develop over time.

Currently, one of the consistent characters it would have to be Oswald Copperpot. His character after the end of Season 2, has been wondering why Fish had let him go when she had him dead to rights. I also enjoyed the brief screen where goes to visit Edward Nygma (Cory Micheal Smith) at Blackgate as they share a moment that helped him clear his thoughts.

Speaking of Fish Mooney, She along with other escapees are racing against time as their new abilities have begun to kill them. The only play she has left to find Hugo Strange since the Pharmacies of Gotham ( Especially in a big company that only had one Scientist and guard in the entire facility) isn’t going solve the whole body rejects powers anytime soon.

Bruce makes a bold move to call out Court of Owls during a Staff holder meeting. Now, the comics written by Scott Synder, introduce this secret society much later in Batman’s timeline, so I don’t see much happening in development. I don’t think writers understand the importance learning about this group as it reveals soon much more about the lineage of Gotham City. It is one the subplots in the show at the moment that’s is lacking the depth to be interesting or engaging.

I still not sold about the long haired Bruce Wayne doppelganger that escaped along with escapees at the moment at the moment. It was clear that Court issues this to Hugo Strange as maybe to train and control their creation to their liking to, later on, kidnapped the original. Only time will tell what they will be building to this.

If were a part the was lacking, it would be Barbara (Erin Richards) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas). I feel at the moment that these characters don’t have much to add plot currently. Other than the fact that open up a new nightclub called “Sirens”( possibly, Copperpot future nightclub, The Ice Louge). Other than that, there isn’t that much to follow until see this season develops.

“Better to reign in hell” set the ground work with a lot of sub-plots that looks intertwine as the season progresses. This season introduction of monsters should add another layer to Show mainstay villains. The creators are hoping to reinvent these characters and giving them new goals to strive for will as the reach to become the DC faithful that we have been custom too.