Gameacon 2016 Recap

So the Fan Helix team has just come back from Atlantic City and we’re so tuckered out from all the cool games we got to see and all of the people we got to meet, and while we had some concerns with hosting a exhibit booth for the first time, we had a lot of fun and things turned out a lot better than we expected! So like we mentioned before, Gameacon is a gaming convention focused on games created by indie developers, and since we here at Fan Helix love indie devs, we thought it was a great idea to check out while getting our names out there. We got to speak with the founders of Gameacon and they were really glad to have us along for the event.

So throughout the weekend, we were set up in the Artist Alley of the Tropicana convention center, which seemed like a strange place to have us set compared to the Exhibition area, but it turns out that the Artist Alley was way better for what we had planned, which was a full-on livestream session with us playing some games and doing live interviews with some of the game devs. The Artist Alley was a lot quieter compared to the Exhibition area, so we were free to chat and be ourselves.


While we were livestreaming, we were checking out a few of the game booths that were being presented. Now when it comes to indie gaming, some of the ideas that comes from indie games are usually hit and miss (with more emphasis on miss), but the games shown off here were pretty impressive! We got to check out games like Legend of Svarog, Geminator, BOOM, You Win, and many others. My personal favorite game shown off at the convention was called “Brawlout” a Super Smash Bros style fighting game created by Angry Mob Games.


It takes all the fun and precision of Smash while including unique features like leveling characters to learn new attacks and a rage meter for players to make huge comeback plays. When I tried this game out for the first time, I was hooked and almost couldn’t put the controller down. I really wish that I had more time to play this game in particular, because they were hosting a few daily tournaments for this one and I felt that my smash skills would have come in handy for this one.


Speaking of Super Smash Bros: There was a huge tournament going on during the tournament called “Hitbox Olympus” which featured three separate tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Project M and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.


So much smashing, so little time! I really wish that I could have spent a bit more time watching these tourneys go down, but I had a lot more pressing matters to attend to.

So during our livestream sessions, we got to chat with the team behind “Blind Blades” a cool samurai themed action game where your opponents can die in only one hit. It seems like a really simple concept, but the main idea here is that your character can hide within the 2D enviroment with either a white or black color.


Since the enviroment is covered in white and black, players can trick and bait players into a counter-attack, or sneak up on them when they least expect it. It’s a really fun game to play with friends and the kinds of mindgames you can play on opponents is really hilarious.The dev team behind this game had a lot of fun chatting and playing with us, and we’ll be uploading their interview on our YouTube page really soon!


And of course, we also had a bunch of other interviews with a few other game devs at the show, including Geminator and BOOM, You Win, which we will also be uploading interviews on very soon.

Lastly, we saw a handful of cool cosplayers at the event including characters from Back to the Future, Legend of Zelda and more!

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Overall, this event was a lot of fun, and personally speaking, a lot more manageable compared to a convention like New York Comic-con and MAGFest, because those conventions are so huge and popular, it’s hard for me or the rest of my team to focus on many things. But with a smaller convention like Gameacon, I can actually sit down and connect with the people that I meet. There’s so much more breathing room to actually have a conversation with the attendees, exhibitors and all that, and overall it’s just a lot more comfy. I really like it and I would definetly consider attending again.

What do you guys think? If you attended Gameacon this year: Did you enjoy yourself? Would you consider attending again next year? Let us know in the main page poll soon!