First Thoughts: Son of Zorn

September 11th marked the preview episode of Son of Zorn on the Fox network at 8/7c, the new animated/live-action hybrid about a He-Man like warrior from the far away Pacific island of Zephyria. Brought to us by from executive producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Son of Zorn revolves around the animated barbarian Zorn, voiced by comedian Jason Sudeikis moving to California to amend his relationship with his estranged son Alangulon. The show begins in the two-dimensional world of Zephyria with Zorn and his other cartoon allies with goofy names such as Headbutt Man and Skunk Man, battling hairy creatures before Zorn gets a reminder on his cell phone that it’s his son Alangulon’s (played by Johnny Pemberton) birthday. The show than transitions from fully animated to Zorn being the only cartoon in our three dimensional world. With the introduction of Tim Meadows and Cheryl Ruth Hines as Zorn’s ex-wife and her new fiance, it rounds off the group actors brought together for this new comedy. As the first episode moves forward it shows the transition of Zorn battling monsters on a daily basis to having to deal with mundane tasks such as working in an office, paying for an apartment, and depositing money into an ATM machine. Zorn begins to  attempt to spend time with the son he has seen so little of over the past seventeen year’s; taking him out to lunch where he amusingly calls the server a “food whore” and brandishes a wrist blade at her after attempting to order a uncooked ribeye for him and his vegetarian son. The jokes continue in a juvenile fashion and slight gore such as when he murders a giant hawk in his ex-wives driveway.


That sort of humor will most likely not be for everyone but it was right up my alley, making me crack up as he couldn’t understand that his boss at the office could possibly be female, or attempting to ram a severed hand wearing jeweled rings into an ATM machine. At its core this show is just another look at troubled family dynamics, just using an animated barbarian that enjoys hot pockets and drinking the blood of his enemies out of the skulls of their dead children as its focal point. With continuous funny altercations with Tim Meadows character and daily struggles at work and with his ex-wife, this will be one of the few shows that i keep up wit this fall.Zorn’s interactions with the material world will remind people of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and after a bit of adjusting the animation flows well with the real world. I’m interested to see how this progresses as the physical actor’s skills of improv will be put to the test as quite often they are interacting with things that are not physically there. The difference in its execution and with the jokes fluctuating from being slightly amusing to laugh out loud funny makes me believe it will attain a cult following that will hopefully give this unique show a fighting chance alongside all the other new fall premieres.