EXXXOTICA: Afromania goes to an adult convention?!

So a few weeks back, I had the chance to attend the EXXXOTICA 2016 convention in Edison NJ. This convention invited tons for adult performers from the industry to attend three days of seminars, contests, and crazy after-parties. Now, I have to admit: I was a little uncomfortable about attending an adult convention, even though I’m not a prude. Yes, I have seen porn, and I was familiar with some of the actors and actresses that I have performed on camera.

So when I arrived at the convention center to pick up my badge, I was taking back by how big of an event it was. Half-naked dancers imminently greeted me on stripper poles who moved and grooved like graceful gymnasts. I saw cam girls parading in front of webcams while promoting themselves, vendors selling sex toys and DVDs… It was all very surprising.


During the convention, I had a chance to sit in one of the panels. One panel was titled “The Lifestyle – How to Get The Most of Your Swinger Experience – Hosted by Ken & Dawn.” The two presenters at this panel were one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever seen. Both of them had regular jobs and lived out their everyday experience just like you and I. Their only little secret was that they engaged in the swinger life with other couples. Now, I would never participate in a swinger lifestyle, so more power to them, but with that said, I did appreciate them talking about an activity that they enjoyed. They openly talked about how it has benefited their marriage and how they were always communicating about their feelings. But along with the benefits of swinger life, they did mention its dangers. For every story they told about how it helps their marriage, They had another story about how it ruins other people’s lives.More importantly, Ken also revealed that engaging in this lifestyle also cost him his job, and the other people that participate in this lifestyle attend to keep it private as much as possible. It is a double lifestyle that it was very much taboo and goes against monogamy and basic norms of our society.

While walking the around the showroom floor, another thing that caught my attention were the type of people that were in attendance. An event like this would clearly cater to juvenile, hormone-driven males and older gentlemen that are eager to get touchy and throw their dollars at these scantily clad adult film stars, and for a showcase like this, it certainly is, But what I was more surprised with was that there was a fair amount of couples and single ladies in attendance. While walking past adult film star Alexis Fawx’s booth, a young man was super excited to get close to his favorite adult star while his girlfriend took pictures. I even saw older couples in their late 60s participate in the convention’s dungeon exhibit where participants got to experience a little bit of BDSM with actual bondage and discipline training (which is something I could never participate in… because you know… chains… whips… black guy… civil wa-… Well, you get my point, right?)

In terms of my interaction with the adult stars themselves: I have to say that it was a pleasant experience. These men and women are the most down to earth folks that I have ever come across. Whether you think the business they’re in is taboo or not, I have great respect for them because at least they are in control of their overall appearance and the brand that sells their work.

Overall, it was a fun (and different) experience from conventions that I have covered from the past. It’s a fun, adult getaway that your should perhaps bring your friend or significant other to tag along, because who knows? You might learn some interesting stuff about the adult industry or each other.