Ronmon’s Indie Spotlight: Dragon’s Lair Returns Indiegogo

Don Bluth returns to the 1983 classic game Dragon’s Lair to have it turned into a full feature length animated film!

About this Project

This campaign is being run by legendary animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. They created great animated features such as The Secret of NIHM, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Thumbelina, and Anastasia. Dragon’s Lair was the video game they created in 1983 that was a huge hit based on its’ animation and graphics at the time. People loved the animation and characters in the Dragon’s Lair game, so Don Bluth and Gary Goldman are asking for assistance to turn this classic video game into a fully animated feature. They are asking for a total of 250,000 dollars to fund a short animated presentation to get investors excited to take part in this endeavor.

Production Dragons lair

Personal thoughts

I have to start by saying that I am a huge fan of Don Bluth in general. It was one of those situations where I grew up watching his movies all the time, not realizing they were by the same creator. Once I realized that, I made the connection as to why I liked the movies so much. Dragon’s Lair was a classic game that I had played a lot during my childhood. I even played games that tried to copy the formula of it because I loved it so much. An example of such a game would be Brain Dead 13 for the Sega Saturn. I can’t say this enough, the fact that Don Bluth and Gary Goldman want to return and collaborate once again to make a feature film of this game, that I enjoyed so much, has to be one of the best surprises I have heard in a while. I truly look forward to the success of this film.

Where the campaign is at currently.

The Project was very successful! They reached funding and even hit all 3 of their stretch goals!

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