Can the “Warcraft” Movie Be a Success?: The 50/50

1. Pros.
a. Generation Y is getting older.
i. The Y generation is really grew up playing video Games , so we are the pretty much the best people who can judge video game movie adaption is worth our time in the theaters . Not only that, but World of Warcraft had millions of people playing all over the world. Most of these people now have families of them own, showing their young ones the ways of geek culture. Were slowly replacing our parents out as we become the casual audience in world.
b. Geek culture is a part of the mainstream culture.
i. What was once a sub culture for society that was considered only freak and outcast and losers have now woven it way into main cutler at large. The big Bang Theory continues be the #1 show America. Brands like Star Wars and the Hunger Games have cosmetic theme products sitting on shelf in retailer stores. Comic book conventions across the world are flooding with people who probably never pick up a comic book in their lifetime. Fantasy theme shows like Walking Dead, The Flash, and Arrow all continue to be proof that the world could accept the property like this on the big screen. Can a video game movie doing well in the box office be that farfetched?
c. The Success of super hero movies
d. Hollywood needs another big media property to be successful and soon!
i. Speaking of Superhero movies, there is going to come a time, not known, but soon that people we just start getting sick of them. We very favorite comic book heroes have dominated the box office for 15 years; you have to believe the fatigue will eventually catch up with this genre and when that happens, thus goes the money with it. The movie industry will keep a close eye on video game movie adaptions because they know that they need that next big hit to continue to bring people like us into the movie theaters and overcharge tickets prices on gimmicks like 3D.
2. Cons.
a. The causal audience still looks at video games as child’s play
i. We still live amongst the baby boomers and our piers they will never truly understand most if not nothing about video games. To people, video games have always had these image of being a culture that is just for Children and don’t expect that to change any time soon. What sucks about this realization is that you still need that part of the audience to make a movie like Warcraft a success. The money is not really to be coming from the hardcore fans and but the mom’s, dad, grandparents, and your girlfriend that thinks candy crush makes her a hardcore gamer.
b. It’s Movie based on a video Game.
i. It’s obvious, but the track record has video game adaptions to film to be on the crappy side. There is more history of duds that we don’t have enough figures and toes to count on. We had some glimmers of success such movie adaptions like Mortal Kombat and Tron and those movies were ok. Ok enough to have squeals that both did poorly in box office returns. Do we really have the confidence that Warcraft will break that mold of bad video game movies?
c. If your computer animated movie doesn’t have the Pixar or DreamWorks logo on it, chances are it’s not going to do well!
i. Disney and DreamWorks are the only two mainstream companies to do well when it comes to full feature computer animated films. Fox has slowly been building its resume of CG films with the popular family movies Ice Age and Rio. They have done so well that it is very difficult for anybody to break the strangle hold that these three companies have had in this portion of the movie market. There has been one sighting with the 2007 Warner Bros. movie Beowulf that wasn’t family friendly that had success, and that could due to the film had heavy A-listers like Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright, John Malkovich, and Angelina Jolie. The Warcraft movie isn’t being headline with that kind of star power. And worst, it’s not family film, eliminating the movies chances.