Bioshock: The Collection Announced

It has been nine years since we were first shown the deranged beauty of Rapture with the release of the first Bioshock. Since than we have returned to Rapture twice(once via DLC content for Infinite) and have reached for the clouds in Bioshock Infinite, and on September 13, 2016 we will get to fight our way through each story again in remastered glory! Each game is remastered and comes with all of their DLC along with some bonus extras, except for the PC version of Infinite which already meets current-gen standards.

The entire collection includes:


  • Museum of Orphaned Concepts DLC
  • Challenge Rooms DLC
  • Imagining Bioshock, a directors commentary video series.

Bioshock 2

  • Minerva’s Den DLC
  • Protector Trials DLC

Bioshock Infinite

    • Burial at Sea: Episodes 1 and 2 DLC
    • Clash in the Clouds DLC
    • Columbia’s Finest DLC

2K Games has mentioned that the character models, plasmids weapons, and levels have all been re-textured and re-skinned so they will be looking even more spectacular than they once did. This entire collection will be coming out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and is being developed by Blind Squirrel Games which worked alongside Irrational Games on the development of Bioshock Infinite. My only complaint is that the fucking multiplayer has been taken out of Bioshock 2 for some damn reason. But regardless of that small setback I am counting down the days until I can walk the halls of Rapture harvesting Little Sisters, and kick the shit out of a Handyman along the streets of Columbia once again.

So until release day just remember the wise words of Andrew Ryan: A man chooses. A slave obeys.