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Michael Sagoe (Mikedot) is just your typical avid gamer, blogger and a master of procrastination. Whenever he’s not managing the Fan Helix website, he’s usually off tinkering with PC parts, traveling with friends or perhaps sleeping too much of his day away.

E3 2016 – Post Conference Discussion (Part 1)

With E3 2016 already done and over with, the Fan Helix team takes a moment to discuss the highs and lows presented throughout the conference week! Starting off: We discussion the EA, Bethesda and Microsoft conferences. Hosts for this Podcast:…
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E3 2016 – Fan Helix’s Pre-Conference Discussion (Part 2)

Our huge E3 podcast continues here on Fan Helix! This time, we focus on Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony’s press conferences, as well as a discussion regarding possibility of Virtual Reality being showcased heavily during the convention.

Black Flag: Season 3 Promo Art Revealed and Scenes as Series Premiere Approaches

It’s almost time for all pirate fans to prepare themselves for war, as Starz released today the seventh and final graphic novel illustration by celebrated artist and illustrator Fiona Staples created for the STARZ Original series “Black Sails.” And that’s…
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