Ash vs. Evil Dead: “Bait” Review

The second episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead has come and gone, and it had so many heads rolling and blood gushing all over the place that could have made Old Faithful jealous. The series continues where the 1st episode left off with Ash stupidly deciding to read from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis wiched release evil back into the world and now has to find the passage in the book that can return the evil back to its slumber.

After Ash returned to his hero demon slaying mode, Pablo tricks Ash to save Kelly by mentioning that she has stolen the book of the dead to her save dad from the return of her recently resurrected mother. The episode then leads into a hilarious and bloody road trip that had both characters fighting off a recently turned deadite boss from Value-mart. Ash has killed off a ton of people, but killing his own boss is a first.The entire episode focuses on Ash and Pablo building trust between themselves. It’s clear that Pablo looks at Ash as a role model figure and changes Ash into the “El Jefe.” that he see him as. As for Ash myself, you can sense that he has a hard time letting people get close to him with the whole “I released evil into the world 30 years ago” thing. It was great reminder that being a hero that it is important to help the ones that need immediate assistance thins and not always to focus on the overall objective.

I also appreciate that the shows creators didn’t make Ash into a complete invincible badass. With his experience in the fighting of Deadites, he pretty much still stumbles and trips over himself in the most impromptu of times, creating those action comedic moments that Bruce Campbell has done so well in his career. It was also quite entertaining when Ash was being interrogating and punches Kelly’s mother during the dinner table scene.

It’s clear that this show is committed to making sure that the rest of the co-stars are taking a bloodbath in almost every scene, with the practical effects in this episode being top notch. One scene in particular includes a fight scene of Ash stabbing his boss repeating with broken bottle as blood continuously pours from the dude jugular and spray all over the place.

I was a little bit grossed out by the dinner scene when Ash daydreamed about Kelly’s Mother with blood spewing out of her mouth. And there’s something about seeing a knife that Pablo plunged into the skull of Kelly’s mother while she was still alive (or undead, for the matter) that I felt was just eerie. However,  the scene where her head get decapitated by chainsaw never even bothered me, not one bit.

While Ash and Pablo investigated the return of Kelly’s mother, detective Amanda Fisher starts an investigation of her own over what caused his partner and woman to gain wrist tattoos that eventually turned them into deadites. Her character is still trying to make sense of a the paranormal activity that could exist and leading her sub-story to cross paths with Ash’s story in the next episode. What was also absent in this episode was Lucy Lawless’ character. Granted, we are going to see more of her as the series progresses, but it is so odd to have an actor of her stature briefly make an appearance for only a couple seconds in the pilot episode and not make an appearance the second one. Still, we won’t have wait too much longer as Ruby will get some screen time in the next episode…. I hope.

“Bait” was an episode that served more as an extension to the Pilot episode. Granted, it never pushes the story forward, but in return, we do get to see a bonding between both Ash and Pablo which will pay dividends as the series continues. It is an episode that got us warmed up for more gorefest moments and cheesy one-liners as our heroes take a trip to the bookshop that will help unwrap the mysteries . Hopefully, they’ll find the passage that could end the horror once and for all. Well, not too soon, at least.