About Us

What the hell is a “Fan Helix”?

Well have you ever heard of a “Double Helix” before? Well to us, a Fan Helix is the DNA in your body that shows how much of a fan you are with your favorite T.V Shows, Cartoons, Anime, Movie, Novels, Comic Books and Video Games. The very cell of your being that makes people feel energetic and proud to be a part of their entertainment mediums of choice. All of us here at Fan Helix have an entertainment medium that we just can’t get enough of! And since you’re here, what we would like to know is: What’s in YOUR DNA? What’s YOUR Fan Helix?

Nah, but seriously: Who the hell are you guys?

We’re a bunch of college students and graduates that are just looking for a place on this crazy space we called the “Internet” where we can speak freely about our entertainment mediums of choice, along with starting up a community with several other liked-minded individuals. Our target audience is entertainment fans of all shapes and sizes, and we plan to give those fans the recognition and attention that they deserve. Sort of like… a Fandom of Fandoms!

Won’t you join us?

What kind of articles can I expect out of you guys?

Honest and open articles! Here at Fan Helix, we believe that everyone should have a voice as big as ours. That’s why we plan to have topics that are open to discussion, as well as accept topics from community membersĀ  for us to promote. A lot of our planned content will mainly be fueled by you, the fans, to show that you really care about that new movie or upcoming comic book issue that you can’t get out of your head.

As a few examples for the stuff we have planned:

  • Community focused interviews
  • Fangroup shout-outs
  • Fan requested reviews

These are just a few of the things we plan to focus on that will truly put the “Fan” in Fan Helix. And unlike a few certain few sites out there, our discussions will be as uncensored as possible, so feel free to speak your mind your mind on anything about posts here, the authors that wrote them or about the site itself. While we do not consider ourselves to be full blow “experts”, we all very passionate about entertainment and we’re open to suggestions, criticism and more.

How often do you guys plan to post?

Since many of us at Fan Helix have very busy lives and schedules to deal with, we may not be posting articles every single day. At most, we are shoot for at least three original posts a week, along with the occasional news commentary post along the way.

How come your review articles don’t come with scores or ratings?

Simple: Because reviews on various shows, games or products are considered to be informed opinions. We do not believe that a complex opinion can be summed up with a score or rating. Scores and ratings also tend to muddy things up when shows, games and products are being compared to other ones. With our reviews, we’re not here to tell you what is good or what is bad, what to buy or what to avoid.

Is it possible that I could write for you guys?

At the moment, we’re not looking for any other direct contributors to the site, but we’re certainly keeping ourselves open to the idea. Of course, we should also point out that all posts on this website are completely voluntary.

Where can I contact you guys with ideas and suggestions?

You can contact us idivuaully on each of your profile boxes, or you can send a message to our Catch All Messages” email at fh@fanhelix.com